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Commissioner Cook Speaks at the Cat Hollow HOA Annual Meeting

The meeting was held at the Brushy Creek Community Center on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

  • 28 June 2018
  • Author: Doris Sanchez
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Cat Hollow HOA Board President Maxwell Graham speaks to the residents seated about HOA plans and goals.

Williamson County Government Transparency

(Information below is from a handout Commissioner Cook gave out at the meeting in response to requests from the residents as to what Williamson County is doing about government transparency)

*Did you know that you can find out all about the Williamson County financials by visiting the County Auditor’s web site?


From there you can see the following:

  • Financial Reportsà includes our bond rating reports and County Treasurer reports
  • Payment Registersà a complete list of all payments issued by the county
  • Utility Billsà you can see our quarterly utility bills broken out by utility type, by consumption, and cost
  • Debt Information
  • Contractsà “database” shows all county government contracts 9/1/10 – 9/1/17; “contract search” allows search for any date

Budget Transparency:  https://www.wilco.org/Budget

  • FY 18 adopted budget is here
  • Budget Overviewà general fund (a side by side comparison of each country office’s total budgets), road and bridge fund totals, and debt service
  • Budget Archivesà you can see every comprehensive budget going back to 2010
  • Timeline of Eventsà gives you a timeline of the process for coming up with the county budget

Boards and Commissions:  https://www.wilco.org > Transparency tab > Boards and Commissions tab

  • See all of the boards to which Commissioners Court appoints.
  • You can see when and where each board meets by clicking on that particular board.

Commissioners Court Agenda:  https://agenda.wilco.org/agenda_publish.cfm

  • Weekly agenda and item backup documents are posted every Friday
  • Search past agendas and minutes
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