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Williamson County TX-PACE Program Facilitates Private Funding Option for Property Upgrades

  • 8 February 2018
  • Author: Doris Sanchez
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Owners of eligible commercial, industrial, agricultural, nonprofit, and multifamily facilities can use the Williamson County TX-PACE program to pay for energy and water saving improvements including new heating and cooling systems, lighting, solar panels, water pumps, insulation, roofs, windows, water fixtures, irrigation, and more.  Capital-intensive projects provide an immediate increase to net operating income and investing in efficiency becomes a business-savvy proposition. Capital and credit lines are maintained, and owners retain their available capital for revenue-generating items including employees, technology, products, and growth.

Williamson County’s TX-PACE program is based on the PACE in a Box model and administered by Texas PACE Authority, a nonprofit organization that currently administers this model program in all of the established Texas PACE regions.  This successful model is market-based and flexible, providing the lowest possible administrative cost and highest level of consumer protection, allowing owners to do business with the parties of their choosing. Program administration is provided at no cost to the local government and is funded through user fees and grants.

1225 North Loop Investments Financing Scenario

Comparison Summary

Self-Funded Conventional Loan PACE

Out-of-Pocket Investment




Savings (First Year)




Annual Payment




Cash Flow Impact Year 1




Net Project Cash Flow Year 2




Years to Positive Project Cashflow




Debt Service Over Finance Term




10-Year Project NPV




Property Value Increase (20-Year NPV)




For more information, visit https://www.texaspaceauthority.org/williamson-county

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