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RM 620 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Ceremony was held on July 23, 2018

  • 25 July 2018
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This project was part TxDOT, part Williamson County, and it took a lot of our partnership working together to get it done,” said Commissioner Cook. Williamson County first studied needed improvements to RM 620 in 2005. That study resulted in three construction projects over the past 13 years for a construction cost of $18.9 million.

The Texas Department of Transportation’s segment includes restriping the existing four-lane section to a six-lane section from Cornerwood Drive to Wyoming Springs Drive. Their construction is anticiCommissioner Cook reciting a poempated to be completed in July.

In addition to the RM 620 Phase 2 project, Williamson County celebrated completion of another safety project at O’Connor Drive north of RM 620. The county made modifications to the existing median and turn lanes into driveways to help improve the safety in the area. Cox Commercial Construction completed this project as well.

As part of her speech, Commissioner Cook recited a poem that she wrote to commemorate the event, the participants who made it possible, and the drivers who endured the barricades and will now enjoy a smoother and safer ride through this area.

Below is her poem:
Halff started the motion
With options to engage
Bond Program of 2001.
More traffic was the notion,
Safely move not enrage.

Wilbur Smith did counting
traffic measured in disbelief.
While Baker Aiklin surveyed.
Documents were mounting.
Public wanted relief.

RJW ran interference
with info for engaging.
Background: water, caves,
& critters referenced,
recorded ACI Consulting.

But, each and every morning,
Into the Sun we went.
Dodging each other in route,
Bumper to bumper screaming
“How much longer”? We lament.

Finally, Bond program 2006
Funded right turn lanes for
Deep Woods, Oaklands & Wyoming Springs.
Aaron Concrete among the picks.
2009 got some, but needed more.

Wider we wanted now.
CF Jordan Construction
brought on-board to proceed.
Safety – key, TXDOT would allow.
2014 finish for first section.

2016 brought the bulldozers,
Bond Program 2013 paid
for widening to Deep Wood.
Lanes added, oh the closures.
Weather held, progress made.

Yet each and every evening
Into the sun we went.
Still dodging barricades by Flasher.
More equipment, men & striping.
All the traffic Hellbent.

Clearing the way Austin Wood
did make mulch for reuse.
Down with the dirt, flex base, and soil
as Cox Commercial could.
Progress tho full lane use.

Then Austin Materials would
lay down asphalt orders.
Curb & gutter by Greater Austin formed.
ESSI seeded and erosion stood
with blankets and borders.

Change orders flew about
Drainage, utilities a problem.
With HNTB & Prime Strategies planning.
Even side streets must change out,
both committed to solve them.

Again, another morning
Into the sun we went.
Progress we see has been made.
Trav‘ling this road never boring,
“‘nother week”, more drivers vent.

Austin Traffic put signals in place
Oh, the cost of them to pay.
But safer to pull onto 620.
I’m glad to make the case
to travel in another way.

O’Connor improvements
design by Atkins done,
With help of Diamond Surveying.
Restrict unsafe movements.
OK - - - for some - no fun.

Where is TXDOT in this circus?
Oh, it’s not quite their fault.
Will mill the surface with TEXOP
Construction, then new surface
and striping Bond Fund bought.

And what’s with rural route,
Farm-to-Market or Ranch Road?
Maps use all for its name.
Newcomers with GPS pout.
Just can’t find correct download.

Evening and into the sun we go,
But soon 6 lanes will be open
with fresh medians and stripes.
Oh, the joy we will know.
Got what we were hoping.

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