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Commissioner Cook Writes and Offers Poem at Firestone Store Ribbon Cutting

Event held Friday, March 6, 2020 at 1441 South IH-35 in Georgetown

  • 9 March 2020
  • Author: Doris Sanchez
  • Number of views: 2589

To the internet I go, search car repair, maybe tow.

Long lists of shops scroll by; looking at details I go – “whooee,

Why don’t any accommodate me?” 

But wait, Firestone, close by,

long days and hours support when I’m free.

Punch in the number and wait to know

Will they really be able to take me?

Quick conversation, “come on now” they say.

It’s 4:30, late in the day. “Please start”, I pray.

I turn the key, the engine struggles, sputters -  I will it to start.

Clenching the steering wheel I back and, from the lot, I dart.

Five minutes later up to the bay I pull.

A quick diagnostic read and there’s nothing to mull,

Firing issue to the plugs, harness is all I require.

I saunter into waiting, surrounded by those with need and desire.

At the desk each is met with a smile of encouragement.

Repairs and changes are possible without cost that’s dire.

Bay 1 is new set of tires - even on sale.

Bay 2 is alignment to get rid of the pull

Bay 3 is inspection, only tail light, no bull.

Bay 4 is brake job to eliminate the shakes & whine.

And finally in Bay 5, an old van, oh yeah, that’s mine.

I settle in and on the wall, read the faire:

Those pesky oil changes done right here.

Loose steering and tie rods repaired to minimize veer,

Tire rotations, repairs, or when needed, new,

A/C fixes, windshield wipers or blades for view.

Shocks and struts to keep that ride smooth when carrying Uncle Harry,

Tuneups, batteries, bulbs or electronic diagnosis for free.

These all done by certified technicians with handcrafted care.

For those of you traveling; things not right (vehicle, not family) and don’t know where to go?

There’s around 1,700 Firestones that have all the know.

Open each day, the team members will certainly get you back in the flow.

So what’s now stopping you?  Pull out that phone,

Open your Firestone App and go.

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