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Commissioner Cook Serves as Master of Ceremonies at Hope Alliance Virtual 5K Fundraiser's Live Portion (Facebook Link Below for Speech)

Hope Alliance Crisis Center for victims of domestic or sexual violence held their second annual Survive-Thrive-Prevent Virtual 5k from Oct. 3, to Oct. 10, 2020

  • 5 October 2020
  • Author: Doris Sanchez
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But all abuse doesn’t have to be physical.  Psychological scarring occurs with verbal abuse, stalking, and shaming, especially community shaming, now so easy with the help of social media apps.

Hope Alliance steps in to surround those seeking freedom from any forms of abuse with services, safety and compassion to lift not only the spirits of these victims at all ages, but to build resiliency in their lives, strategies for a joyful future, and to establish the foundation for them to live a healthy and full life.

Just because it has, doesn’t mean it has to be.  The respect and maturity that June and Ward Cleaver conveyed on the screen to each other and their kids is actually achievable in relationships.  Hope Alliance is here to help you reach it. Since 1984, they have spent 36 years raising resilience, offering shelter, and giving hope.

Our small entry fees today is our contribution toward continuing these services. 
Let’s run or walk hard today, because a tomorrow of hope can’t come soon enough.

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