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Commissioner Cook Celebrates Completed TxDOT Projects at Ribbon Cutting with Rap Song

Ceremony held Jan. 11, 2019, at Denny's parking lot at 2700 N. I-35 in Round Rock

  • 14 January 2019
  • Author: Doris Sanchez
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(Words to Rap Song by Commissioner Cook)

Yo Flatiron

One, two, three, go…                                                   

Traffic Congestion

Chokin’ commute

TXDOT Dilemma

Design to suit.

I get elected

Drive for a while

Flatirons comes

My drive gets wild.

South on frontage

Loop de loo

Up other side

Traffic tests you.

Month afta month

With no relief

So much work –

Dis - belief.

Dirt starts moving

North loop construct

No cars turning

Backups just suck.

Barrels go up

Block cross flowing

No turns to Rudy’s

Unless west going.

Flatiron floatin’

Some new design

Why not north loop

Westbound consign?

Bridge gets dropped

No turning back

Flatiron pushing

Deadline attack.

Mo’ barrels up

Block cross traffic

No turns to Rudy’s

Drivers panic.

Dirt is building

How high’s the nexus?

Building Mt Evans

Here in Texas.

Week after week

We skirt construction

4 lights it takes

Bypass destruction.

New bridge goes in

Top of the heap

Taking forever

Open! we weep.

I begged relief

Let us take it

Release eastbound

I’ll dance naked.

3 weeks waitin’

Bridge will open

Cheers all ‘round

Both sides hoping.

Shooting the barrels

Flatiron’s whackos

Out of Rudy’s

Got their tacos.

By end of June

Traffic’s flowing

Gone massive backups

East - West smokin’.

All lanes fill up

Traffic’s got it stuffed

Entropy rules

Are there enough?

Still building up

Frontage entrance

No Cracker Barrel

Cross traffic hindrance.

Turning to the left,

To the left,

To the left,

Driving to the right,

To the right,

To the right.

Single lanes beat nut’n

But can’t wait for two

Waitin’ out that rain

Can’t work with goo.

January’s here

Finally in place

All lanes opened (or lanes nearly open)

Flatirons aced.

A taste of Colorado

Made things happen

Heroes to us all

We’re not jackin’.

Time for reviews

Time for bonus

You were great

Pleasure's on us.

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