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The mission of Public Affairs is to inform and educate by providing accurate, timely and consistent information through the most effective channels and encouraging engagement with all our stakeholders. Our stakeholders include current and future residents, employees, media, companies, taxpayers, other governmental entities and the general public. Our vision is to connect the Williamson County community. 

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Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter Teams Up with Lampasas Animal Shelter and Best Friends Society to Save More Animals

  • 18 January 2023
  • Author: Yvonne Ramirez
  • Number of views: 1122
Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter Teams Up with Lampasas Animal Shelter and Best Friends Society to Save More Animals

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is partnering with Lampasas Animal Shelter and Best Friends Animal Society as part of Best Friends’ Prince and Paws Shelter Collaborative Program with a goal of increasing the lifesaving rate for dogs and cats entering Lampasas Animal Shelter. Currently, the save rate at Lampasas Animal shelter is 74% for dogs and 34% for cats. 

To celebrate the launch of their collaboration, the Lampasas Animal Shelter and the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter will co-host a special adoption event this Saturday, January 21, 2023, offering free adoptions for all adoptable animals. The Lampasas Animal Shelter will be open for special adoption hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter will be open for normal adoption hours of noon to 6 p.m. Preview adoptable animals at https://www.lampasas.org/318/Animals-for-Adoption and www.pets.wilco.org

The shelter collaborative program matches shelters that are leaders in animal welfare with shelters that are working to save more animals. The goal of the partnership is to achieve a 90% save rate at Lampasas Animal Shelter by the end of the year grant program. This would mean that 90% of the dogs and cats entering their care leave alive, understanding that some animals will be too medically or behaviorally fragile to be released. Best Friends helps to facilitate these matches, works with peer mentors to create a contract that includes clear grant parameters, provides mentors with seed grants, and offers ongoing training and coaching to mentors and fellows. 

Lampasas Animal Shelter will be paired with Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. 

“We want to do more and get the community more involved in our mission. With this partnership and guidance, we know we can reach our new goals.” said Kasey Schwartzer, Shelter Supervisor at Lampasas Animal Shelter. 

Lampasas Animal Shelter has been working to save more animals in recent years but believes that it can implement more lifesaving changes through the one-on-one mentorship this program provides. Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is a national leader in animal welfare that was chosen to partner with Lampasas Animal Shelter because they have experience overcoming many of the challenges Lampasas Animal Shelter faces each day. 

Through the shelter collaborative program, Best Friends will be providing grant funding to cover the expenses associated with achieving the partnership’s goals. Lampasas Animal Shelter will use the funding to implement nationally recognized proven strategies to decrease unnecessary intake and increase adoptions, community engagement and rescue partnerships. These proven strategies have been successful at saving dogs and cats at Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. Together, Lampasas Animal Shelter and Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter expect these strategies to eliminate the need to euthanize animals at Lampasas Animal Shelter. 

"The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter believes lifesaving doesn't start at the door of an animal shelter. Lifesaving is where the community and the animal shelter meet," says Misty Valenta, Animal Services Director of WCRAS. "We are so excited to show Central Texas what a shelter like Lampasas does and what they will be doing in the future to save dogs and cats. When neighbors help neighbors - big things can happen!" 

The shelter collaborative program is a cornerstone of Best Friends Animal Society’s goal of making America a no-kill nation by 2025, according to Carrie Ducote, National Senior Strategist for the Shelter Collaborative Program.

"Creating and sustaining no-kill in communities across the country will only be possible if shelters, community members and other stakeholders work together,” Ducote said. “As more organizations collaborate to save the lives of homeless pets, we will achieve no-kill in every shelter and every community by 2025.”  

What can you do to support Lampasas Animal Shelter? Our current greatest need is volunteers and fosters.  Lampasas Animal Shelter will be starting a pilot foster program and will be looking for people willing to open their houses to shelter pets.  We also need volunteers at the shelter to assist with all the new programs and events that are planned.  

“Our goal this year to increase the quality of care we provide to all the animals in our care and we need the community’s help to do that.  We want to help animals stay in their house and avoid ever entering the shelter and make sure the ones that do find themselves here, are well cared for.” Kasey Schwartzer-Shelter Supervisor-Lampasas Animal Shelter. 

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