First-Time Caregivers Receive Training On How To Care For Older Adults
KVUE.    2/5/22

Officials: Williamson County Responded To 201 Emergency Calls Thursday During Ice Storm
Austin American Statesman.    2/4/22

Judge: Williamson County Ready For This Week's Winter Storm
Austin American Statesman.    2/1/22

Williamson County Spending $55,000 On 7,200 Covid-19 Test Kits For Public Service Employees
Austin American Statesman.    1/14/22

Williamson County Adding 'Socks' To Disaster Response Fleet
KXAN.    12/15/21

Williamson County Officials Discuss Winter Storm Readiness Plan
Fox7.    12/15/21

Former Wilco Commissioner Survives Cardiac Arrest Thanks To Granddaughters And EMS
CBS.    12/14/21

Wilco EMS Saves 2 Dogs In House Fire With Pet Oxygen Masks
Fox7     12/7/21

Williamson County Paramedics Working Overtime, Hoping Academy Can Help Cover Shortages
KXAN.    10/27/21

Leander Mother Recovers From Life Threatening Injury, Meets First Responders Who Saved Her
Fox29.    5/3/21

Texas National Guardsmen Vaccinate Homebound Williamson Co. Seniors
Fox7.    4/8/21

Williamson County's Mobile Covid-19 Vaccine Unit Reaching Out To Homebound People
Austin American Statesman.    3/12/21

64-Year-Old Williamson County Resident Dies From Hypothermia During Winter Storms
KXAN.    2/19/21

Long-Term Care Facilities In Texas Are Struggling With Outages
The New York Times.    2/17/21

Power Restored In Parts Of Williamson County, But Struggles Continue
Austin American Statesman.    2/17/21

Williamson County Officials Urge Residents To Stay Indoors
CBS.    2/15/21

Winter Storm Spreads Snow, Ice, Misery Across Texas
Austin American Statesman.    2/15/21

Thousands Without Power In Williamson County, Residents Urged To Stay Inside
Austin American Statesman.    2/15/21

Williamson County EMS Receives Uptick In Calls For Fall-Related Injuries
Community Impact.    2/15/21

How Covid Helped Revive a CHP Program
EMSWorld.     2/1/21

Williamson County EMS Paramedics, Field Staff Receive Covid-19 Vaccinations
KXAN.    12/30/20

Williamson County EMS Field Staff Receives Covid-19 Vaccinations
Fox7.    12/29/20

City of Round Rock To Celebrate Completion of Fire Station No.3 
Community Impact.    12/9/20

Examining Red Lights And Sirens Data With Jeff Jarvis, MD.
EMS1.    11/18/20

Williamson County Plans How To Use Vaccine Once It Becomes Available
Fox7.    11/18/20

Texas Community Paramedics Receive Grant To Assess Covid-19 Risk At Long-Term Care Facilities
EMS1.    10/30/20

Williamson County EMS Gets New, Upgraded Ventilators
KXAN.    10/20/20

Leander Fire Station No.2 Expansion To Improve Response Times
Community Impact.    10/2/20

Those We Can't Save: Williamson County EMS Paramedic Remembers Baby Maci
JEMS.    9/18/20

Commissioner Cook: Alternatives To Incarceration Transform Lives, Save Taxpayer Dollars
Austin American Statesman.    9/15/20

Williamson County EMS Honored For Life-Saving Work
Patch.com.    8/18/20

Wilco Sees Mental Health Calls Spike During Covid-19
KEYE.    8/17/20

Grand Rounds: What Nursing Homes Can Teach EMS About COVID-19
EMSWorld.    7/24/20

Commissioner Cook: Health District Guides County Through Pandemic
Austin American Statesman.    7/14/20

Williamson OKs Pay Protection For County EMS Workers Amid Coronavirus
Austin American Statesman.    5/30/20

Suicide Rates Higher in Wilco Than Rest Of State
KXAN.    1/16/20

Wilco Mobile Outreach Team Opioid Program Distributes 18000 Narcan Kits
Spectrum News.    10/14/19

Round Rock Opioid Program Expanding Throughout Williamson County
Austin American Statesman.    10/7/19

WCESD #4 Welcomes Community To New Fire Station
Liberty Hill Independent.    9/20/19

Newly Approved Wilco Budget Adds 41 New Employees
KVUE.    8/27/19

Airway Management Advances In The Prehospital Setting
EMS1.    8/26/19

Dozens Evacuated After Fire At Round Rock Senior Living Center
KVUE.    8/16/19

Williamson County EMS Assist El Paso First Responders In Wake Of Tragedy
Community Impact.    8/14/19

Round Rock's new Fire Station No.3 To Break Ground
Community Impact     8/9/19

Williamson County Recommends $219 Million Budget, Adding 32 New Positions
KXAN     8/5/19

Liberty Hill Firefighters Rescue Pet Chinchilla From House Fire
KXAN     7/27/19

Door-To-Door Training Helps Families Respond To Overdoses In Central Texas
KXAN     7/21/19

Look Before You Lock
KXAN     7/11/19

Wilco Allocates $1.46M For Low Income Projects
The Patch     7/2/19

Williamson County Latest Local Agency To Sue Big Pharma Companies Over Opioid Crisis
KXAN     6/25/19

Williamson County Files Suit Against Opioid Maker
Austin American Statesman     6/24/19

Wilco EMS Touted For Life-Saving Work
The Patch     6/18/19

Data-Driven Approaches to Reducing Provider Fatigue
JEMS Journal of EMS     5/6/19

Wilco EMS Stages Annual Employee Awards Ceremony
The Patch     3/29/19

Why EMS Must Engage The Community To 'Disrupt The Odds' And Save More Lives
EMS1.com     3/26/19

Being The Bridge: Peer Support In Williamson County
EMSWorld     1/2/19

Parents Learning SIDS Prevention For Free Thanks To Central Texas EMS Agencies
KVUE     10/25/18

Round Rock ISD Staff Trains For Emergencies With 'Stop The Bleed'
KVUE     10/8/18

The Future of EMS In Texas
Texas EMS Alliance     10/1/18

Avoiding Heat Related Illness
KEYE     5/29/18

Texas Paramedics Honored At Recognition Ceremony
EMS1.com     4/8/18     

Williamson County EMS Lauds Paramedics During Annual Recognition Ceremony
Austin American Statesman     4/5/18

Task Force Talks Preparedness For Emergencies, Disasters
Liberty Hill Independent     4/2/18

Classes Teach Citizens How To "Stop The Bleed"
KXAN     4/1/18

Central Texans Add "Stop the Bleed" Techniques To Their First Aid Arsenal
KEYE     3/29/18

Old Hand At EMS Honored For Service
Williamson County Sun     12/3/17

Woman Thanks Paramedics and Leander Firefighters Who Saved Her Life
Austin American Statesman     10/24/17

Cedar Park Breaks Ground On It's Fifth And Final Fire/EMS Station
Community Impact Newspaper     10/3/17

Off-Duty Hutto Firefighter Honored For Saving Man's Life With CPR
CBS Austin     6/8/17

How To Improve (and How to Tell)
EMS World     5/31/17

Williamson County EMS Garners Recognition Of Life-Saving Work
Cedar Park Patch     5/31/17

Jarrell Marks 20 Years Since Tornado Killed 27
KEYE     5/26/17

April Pools Day Launched In Williamson County, But For Serious Cause
Cedar Park Patch    4/12/17

Williamson County Brings Innovative Health Care To Area
Community Impact Newspaper     4/12/17

Williamson County EMS Launches Use Of Life-Saving Apps Helping Medics During Emergencies
Round Rock Patch     4/11/17

Williamson County EMS Studying Use Of Ultrasound Machines Inside Ambulances
Cedar Park Patch      3/9/17

Increased Data Flow From EMS To Hospital Saves Time, Boosts Care
Health Data Management  2/6/17

Antidysrhythmics In Cardiac Arrest: What Does The Literature Say?
EMS World  2/1/17

EMS Captain Retires
Austin American Statesman 1/12/17

Does EMS Intubation Success Improve With Video Laryngoscopy?
JEMS, Journal of Emergency Medical Services 1/11/17

EMS Responded To 31K Calls This Year
Williamson County Sun, pg.3 12/14/16

Williamson County EMS Honors Paramedics' Life-Saving Work
Cedar Park Patch  12/3/16

Mike Knipstein Named Wilco EMS Director
Community Impact Newspaper  11/30/16

Using DSI To Prevent RSI From Becoming RSD
Texas EMS Alliance  11/13/16

County EMS Director Schnell Announces Retirement
Williamson County Sun, pg.3 10/12/16

National Night Out
Williamson County Sun, pg. 1  10/9/16

Texas EMS Agency Earns Accreditation by CAAS
EMS1.com  9/14/16

Williamson County EMS Receives National Accreditation
Community Impact Newspaper 9/13/16

Williamson County EMS Rated Among Nation's Best
Austin American Statesman  9/7/16

Wilco EMS Earns Award, Offers Safety Classes
Community Impact Newspaper  6/8/16

The Quality Imperative; You've Got Outcomes!
JEMS Journal of Emergency Medical Services  pg#22-23  5/2016

Round Rock, Williamson County Agencies Support Autism Training Video
Round Rock Leader  4/5/16

Williamson County EMS Director Advocates For Water Safety
Austin American Statesman  3/29/16

Study Shows Video Laryngoscopes Improve Intubation Success Rates
JEMS - Journal of Emergency Medical Services  3/1/16

Direct Laryngoscopy Is Dead
EMS1.COM  2/25/16

Donation Helps First Responders Save Pets
The Liberty Hill Independent 1/24/16

Williamson County Paramedics Honored For Serving Community
Austin American Statesman  12/8/15

Big Changes For EMS In Williamson County
KVUE  10/1/15

Williamson County Paramedics Work To Prevent Emergencies
KVUE  9/30/15

RRPD Officer Rescues Family In Car After Driver Has Seizure
KVUE  7/3/15

Wilco Rescue Team Responded To 17 Water Rescues Memorial Day
KVUE  5/28/15

EMS Intubation Improves With King Vision Video Laryngoscopy
Prehospital Emergency Care 5/15/15

Save A Life In Three Easy Steps
Georgetown View  pg#62 5/1/15

Georgetown To Begin Running Its Own Ambulance Service
KVUE 3/31/15