Division Commander, Operations
Terri King

Prior to my career in Paramedicine, I completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in education. I completed my paramedic licensure at Austin Community College and Temple College. I became part of the Williamson County EMS family in 1999 as a part time employee, where I immediately fell in love with the system and the paramedic profession. I accepted a full time position in 2003.

Quality EMS Systems practice evidence based medicine to ensure that their patients receive care utilizing the most current science and protocols in medicine. As a professional educator, it was easy for me to transition to the Clinical Practices Division in 2008, where I work with the medical director to maintain a high level medical practice. Utilizing the evidence based medicine model, we create and monitor our key performance indicators to ensure a competent staff and First Responder core to administer clinically sophisticated care to the citizens of Williamson County.

Our system is also integrating education into our cities to ensure that citizens can recognize emergent situations and activate the 911 system. We offer all levels of CPR class and most recently instituted the Take 10 program where anyone can learn CPR in ten minutes. When citizens understand basic life saving measures it augments the County’s response to emergencies.

I am committed to ensuring Williamson County EMS remains a consistent, excellent performer in pre- hospital medicine. The expectation of high quality medicine and excellent customer service allows us to be recognized as a top system in the State of Texas as well as the nation.