Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter Has “Adoption Angels” for 31 “Single-Location Cats”

Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter Has “Adoption Angels” for 31 “Single-Location Cats”
Posted: Jan 10, 2022
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The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (WCRAS) was called to assist with the surrender of 44 cats from a single location in Round Rock last week. Once they arrived, our team of professional animal care specialists jumped into action to assess each of the cats’ needs and get them ready for adoption, and now, a generous donor has stepped forward to assist.

The donor asked what the current biggest need was in assisting these cats, and the answer is loving new homes. Of the 44 cats surrendered, 31 are currently available for adoption at WCRAS. Thanks to the donor’s generosity, all 31 of the currently available cats from that single location will be FREE to adopt as a part of our Adoption Angel program.

Interested adopters can see all of our adoptable cats at wilcopets.org, then send an email to adoption@wilco.org to schedule an appointment to meet the cat and adopt.

The shelter is also asking for fosters to help. To foster, submit the Foster Application found at http://pets.wilco.org/How-to-Help. Needed donations include pine litter, cardboard litter trays, Science Diet, canned cat food, and Catego and may be dropped off at the shelter’s Services Center at 1855 SE Inner Loop in Georgetown.

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