Williamson County District Clerk, Lisa David

Lisa DavidIn November 2006, Lisa was elected as Williamson County District Clerk. Lisa began work in the District Clerk’s office in 1981 serving as Deputy District Clerk and Assistant Chief Deputy.
Lisa served as a subject matter expert and represented Williamson County in TechShare, developing best practices and establishing software technology standards for District Clerks throughout Texas. Lisa was appointed to the Legislative Committee by the County and District Clerks Association of Texas. She is past president of the Williamson County Republican Women’s Club. Lisa is currently a member of the Williamson County Republican Women, The National Association of Court Managers, The National Association of Counties, Governmental Collectors of Texas, the County and District Clerk’s Association and currently sits on the board of the Texas District Court Alliance.

Lisa is the third generation to raise her family in Williamson County. Lisa and her husband Bobby are the proud parents of sons Rob and Brent and daughters Megan and Madison. The David family attends St Helen Catholic Church in Georgetown.  


Williamson County District Clerk

The Texas Constitution, Article 5, Section 9 - "There shall be a Clerk for the District Court of each county, who shall be elected by the qualified voters for state and county officers, and who shall hold office for four years....."

Lisa David is the Williamson County District Clerk.

The District Clerk is elected countywide by voters for a four year term and has specific duties outlined in the Texas Constitution, by statutes passed through Legislative action, and Rules promulgated by the Texas Supreme Court.

The duties of the District Clerk are to serve in a administrative capacity for the court. The District Clerk is the custodian of all court documents that are a part of any case and is responsible for the security of the records. Additionally, the District Clerk is responsible for docketing, indexing and recording, collecting fees, fines and court costs and managing all funds held in litigation; and performs such other duties as are imposed by statute or rule. The District Clerk is often present in the courtroom to file documents, take and administer oaths of defendants, witnesses and jurors and assist the Judge in the management of the docket. The duties of the District Clerk are extensive and interface with each phase of the judicial process.


Custodian of the Record

The District Clerk maintains the official court record and receives for filing all documents in the felony criminal, family, juvenile, delinquent tax and the greater value civil court cases.

After a court case is filed, the District Clerk may be requested by an attorney or directed by court order to issue certain documents. Some of the documents issued may include a citation to notify a party that a case was filed, a capias to have someone arrested, a protective order to keep someone from harm, a writ to garnish wages or a bank account, an order to sell property or an execution to have someone put to death.

The District Clerk performs duties from the time a case is filed through disposition, appeal and ancillary proceedings that may occur for many, many years after judgment.

According to statutory requirements, the District Clerk gathers data and reports to many State and local agencies. This extensive reporting assists the County, the State and the Texas Legislature to determine the proper operation of the courts, the effectiveness of the statutes and the need for changes.


Records Management

The District Clerk is responsible for managing the records so they are easily retrieved for court use and public information. Records in the Williamson County District Clerk's office date back to 1848. As custodian of these permanent records, the Clerk must assure that they are preserved and archived. Microfilming has secured this process along with saving money and reducing storage problems.


Financial Officer

As a financial officer, the District Clerk collects court costs and fines set by statute which are deposited in the general fund of the County. Other fees are collected and allocated to the State for the benefit of over 10 State agencies.

During litigation, money or other valuable items may be placed in the registry of the court with the District Clerk. The District Clerk is often ordered to invest the money in interest bearing accounts for minor children until they reach their majority or until final judgment. The District Clerk administers numerous accounts totaling millions of dollars.


Jury Manager

The District Clerk is the officer of the Court in charge of the jury selection process for Williamson County. Jurors are randomly selected by the County computer system from a source consisting of the current voter registration lists from all the precincts in the county and residents of the county that are holders of a valid Texas drivers license or a valid personal identification card or certificate issued by the Department of Public Safety.



   Effective September 1, 2010
   Civil Case Information sheet must accompany the filing of:
      1.  An Original Petition civil/family
      2.  A post-judgment motion for modification or enforcement in a case arising under the Family Code
   Rule 78A Texas Rules of Civil Procedure


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Lisa David

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