Special Event Road Closure Requests

Prior to any Road Closure involving Williamson County Roads all Event Requirements must be met.

To initiate a “Request for Road Closure” the “Initiator” must contact the County Engineer's Office and email the request to jengland@wilco.org
. What questions will be asked?

All requests need to be emailed to jengland@wilco.org

Please include the following information in your request:

Street to be Closed:
Type of Event:
Date of Closure:
Duration/Time of Closure:
Organizer Name:
Organizer Email:
Organizer Telephone:
Affected Address Range:
Number of Barricades Requested:
Delivery Point for Barricades:


Street to be Closed:                                       San Minito Street
Type of Event:                                                   Block Party         
Date of Closure:                                               May 9, 2015
Duration/Time of Closure:                          3 PM to 8 PM
Organizer Name:                                             Chris Neighbors
Organizer Email:                                              cneighbors@sbcglobal.net         
Organizer Telephone:                                   512-585-5898
Affected Address Range:                             136,140,144 & 148 San Minito Street
Number of Barricades Requested:           2              
Delivery Point for Barricades:                    136 San Minito Street

Once the closure is approved, the county engineer will email the approval and notice to the organizer and the appropriate agencies.


Event Requirements

The request must be made to the County Engineer's Office prior to the date of closure according to the following criteria:

Block Parties:

  • If no alternate route for Emergency Vehicles is required a minimum of 9 calendar days advanced notice is suggested
  • If there is a requirement to determine an alternate route for Emergency Vehicles then a minimum of 19 calendar days advanced notice is suggested.

Bike Race:


All races are subject to final approval by the Sheriff’s Office in accordance to Legislative Code (Acts 1995 74th Legislative Code 165, effective September 1, 1995)

Other Special Events:

  • Minimum of 9 calendar days is suggested (These can be addressed on a case by case basis)

What to expect when you need to submit a Road Closure Request:

  • The Commissioners Office will fill out the request form electronically and forward it to the appropriate departments for review to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed prior to placing the request on next Commissioners Court Agenda. *(The deadline for placing items on an agenda is by noon on the Thursday before the Tuesday court date)

    • For non-complicated requests this review process should not take more than 5 to 9 calendar days then it is placed on the Commissioners Court Agenda.
    • For complicated requests which require determining alternate routes for necessary traffic or Emergency Vehicles this review process could take as long as 5 to 9 calendar days then it is placed on the Commissioners Court Agenda.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the “Initiator” acknowledging that the request has been received and is going through the review process.
  • Once the request has gone through the initial review process and there are no issues to be addressed, the request will be placed on the next Commissioners Court Agenda.

    • Keep in mind that the deadline for placing items on the following Tuesday’s agenda is by noon the Thursday before the next Court Session. Please take that into account when trying to determine how far in advance you need to submit your request.

  • Once the Court votes on the request the following will take place:

    • If approved:

      • A confirmation email will be sent to the Initiator and to all entities involved in the review process stating that it has been approved.
    • If not approved:
      • A confirmation email will be sent to the Initiator and to all entities involved in the review process stating that it has not been approved and why.
  • Prior to the event the necessary cones and/or barricades will be delivered by the appropriate Williamson County Representative to the receiving person listed on the request form. A signature will be required from the person accepting delivery of the cones and/or barricades which will acknowledge the following:
      • What they received
      • Condition that it was received
      • Any instructions regarding the date and time that the items will be picked up
      • And acknowledging that they will be responsible for any replacement costs incurred due to missing or damaged items at time of pick-up

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