Victim Services

Victims of violent crime in Texas have various rights under the Texas Constitution. The District Attorney's Office Victim/Witness Coordinators  contact victims and witnesses and coordinate the services that are available for them. The Coordinators inform victims and witnesses about the case, obtains information that is used during the prosecution, assists in the application for compensation, and ensures fair treatment through the criminal justice process.

For further information about victim's rights, contact the Victim/Witness Coordinators for the Williamson County District Attorney's Office, at (512) 943-1234. In addition, information is available through the Texas Crime Victim Clearinghouse at (800) 848-4284.

Victims of violent crime also may qualify for reimbursement of a financial loss under the Texas Crime Victim's Compensation Act. This program is administered through the Office of the Attorney General at (800) 983-9933.

The Williamson County Crisis Center, DBA: Hope Alliance, provides counseling and housing for victims of family violence and sexual assault. The Crisis Hotline provides access to information and services at (800) 460-SAFE.

Children are especially vulnerable and deserve special protection. At the Williamson County Children's Advocacy Center (WCCAC) children have a safe place to report abuse. Upon referral by police or social workers, interviews are conducted in a comfortable home designed for children. This means that the children are not frightened by the investigative process and don't have to repeat their statement to police, prosecutors, and social workers.
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Photo of new WCCAC facility

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