Public Information Act Requests

In addition to requests for information maintained by this office, the County Attorney’s Office also receives and processes requests on behalf of Commissioners Court and its departments.  If you are seeking information from another elected official, please contact that office directly.


Requests for information must be in writing.  In order to process your request quickly, please specifically describe the information you are seeking and identify the office or department maintaining the requested information.  Please also include your name and contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address), as we may need to contact you during the processing of your request with questions or clarification requests.  Please submit your written request for information to the following:

Williamson County Attorney’s Office
Attn: Dianne Flores
405 MLK Street, Box 7
Georgetown, Texas 78626
Tel: 512) 943-1158
Fax: (512) 943-1431
Email: [email protected]


Copy and/or labor charges may apply to your request.  The commonly assessed charges for copies of public information are set by statute and are provided below.  If charges are assessed, you will be notified of that cost, which must be paid prior to receipt of the information.  Payment must be by check made payable to the Williamson County Attorney’s Office and submitted to the contact information below.  If it is estimated that the charges will exceed $40.00, we will provide you with a written itemized statement of the estimated charges before any work is undertaken.


Standard copies (letter & legal) ($.10/page)

CD ($1.00/CD)

DVD ($3.00/DVD)

Labor charge (programming) ($28.50/hour)

Labor charge (non-programming) ($15.00/hour)

Overhead charge (20% of labor costs)

Postal & shipping charge (actual cost)