Purchasing Teams

The Williamson County Purchasing Department is made up of teams who specialize in specific areas of procurement and contracting. This helps define the Purchasing Department as a source of knowledge and expertise for the County.

The Project Services Team primarily handles Construction Projects, Lease Agreements and Professional Services. The Support Services Team primarily handles Commodity Procurement, Asset Transfer and Disposal, P-Card Administration, Purchasing Software Testing and Training, as well as Cooperative Contracts and Interlocal Agreements. Contract Management handles all Contract Renewals, the Vendor Performance Reporting Program, Change Orders and Amendments as well as provides Administrative Support. Click the Team Assignment link below to learn about which Departments each team assists.

Team Assignments

Purchasing Staff
Purchasing Agent
Randy Barker Purchasing Agent/Director 512-943-1555 randy.barker@wilco.org
Project Services
Kerstin Hancock Deputy Purchasing Agent 512-943-1546 khancock@wilco.org
Blake Skiles Senior Purchasing Specialist 512-943-1553 blake.skiles@wilco.org
Will Hutchinson Purchasing Specialist III 512-943-1553 will.hutchinson@wilco.org
Gary Stone Purchasing Specialist I 512-943-1620 gary.stone@wilco.org
Support Services
Brenda Fuller Senior Purchasing Coordinator 512-943-1607 brendafuller@wilco.org
Jayme Jasso Purchasing Specialist III 512-943-1478 jayme.jasso@wilco.org
Erica Hernandez Purchasing Specialist II 512-943-1492 erica.hernandez@wilco.org
Contract Management
Dianne West Contract Specialist 512-943-1620 dianne.west@wilco.org