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J. Terron Evertson, P.E.
County Engineer
Email: Road Administrator
Williamson County, TX
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If you would like to submit a question or concern to the Williamson County Road and Bridge Division, you may do so by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a culvert installed for my driveway? Answer:

You must contact us before you install a driveway. We will come out and look and tell you what size pipe that needs to be installed for your driveway. You then need to purchase the pipe and install it yourself, or we will install it for you if it is on a county maintained road at $5.00 per foot. For more information, please see the culvert regulations.

How can I find out if a road is maintained by the County?

If the road is a US or state road, is in the city limits of an incorporated city, or is a private road, the County does not maintain it. To find out, call Commissioners Court records at (512) 943-1515, contact the Road Dept. office at (512) 943-3330, or find the name of the road in the alphabetical listing of Maintained Subdivisions and Roads.

How do I contact the Road Department?

Call (512) 943-3330, send e-mail directly to the County Road Administrator, or write:

Williamson County Director of Road and Bridge
Road and Bridge Division
3151 SE Inner Loop
Georgetown, TX 78626

Our offices are in the County Central Maintenance Facility. Our office hours are Monday - Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. When our office is closed we do have an answering machine and the messages are checked every morning. In an emergency outside regular office hours, call the Sheriff's Department at (512) 943-1300.

Our facility also has a training room that can be used for meetings etc. You need to contact the Williamson County Extension Office at (512) 943-3300 for information and reservations for the training/meeting room.

What rules does the County have about mail boxes?

If you are putting up a mail box on a county maintained road you will need to install the mailbox yourself; we do not install mail boxes. We do ask that you not place any large rock or mailboxes in the county right-of-way that will obstruct the view or be dangerous.

Whom do I contact about road repair or maintenance?

Call the Road Department at (512) 943-3330 to report problems or by submitting a work order request.

How do I get specialty signs installed on a road?

For signs other than normal regulatory traffic signs, you will need to send a letter and or petition with signatures of area residents to our department stating your request and reasons/justification for needing the sign. The road administrator will then approve or disapprove this request. If your request is approved you will need to then purchase the sign yourself and the road department will install the sign if on a county maintained road. For more information please see the sign policy.

Whom do I call about dead animals on the road?

If you notice a dead animal on the side of a county maintained road, please call us at (512) 943-3330, and we will get it taken care of as soon as possible. We do not have the means to pick up large livestock. We cannot go onto personal property.

Who plans new roads?

When the County government plans new roads, the County Commissioners discuss these plans as part of the agenda of Commissioners Court. New roads planned by developers are usually presented at Commissioners Court as part of the platting process.

Whom do I call about litter on the road?

If a county maintained road has litter or someone has dumped trash on the side of a road, please give us a call at (512) 943-3330 and we will have it picked up. We will also try to find out who dumped the trash on a county maintained road or on the side of the road, and legal action may be taken.

I'm a contractor, how do I bid on County road work?

Please subscribe to receive Invitations for Bids by electronic mail or see the vendor information from the Purchasing Dept.