Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Application Instructions

Click here for a copy of the 2017 CDBG Application


All projects awarded CDBG funds from Williamson County are subject to Federal Regulations governing such award. Construction contracts are also subject to labor regulations including but not limited to Davis-Bacon Regulations and will be required to submit wage information to the Williamson County CDBG office. Project monthly progress reports along with other reporting requirements will be the responsibility of the entity receiving CDBG funds from Williamson County. Failure to submit requested and required project documentation could delay payment or forfeit CDBG award.

This application was designed for your convenience. It can be completed in two ways.

  • Using PDF. The application can be found at www.wilco.org. Open the document and fill in the appropriate information. Use the tab key to navigate through the application. Once the form is completed, print, obtain appropriate signatures and submit. (preferred method)
  • Manually. Open the document and print it. Manually complete the form. Obtain appropriate signatures and submit.
Applications must be received by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 8, 2017.
Please submit one original and four (4) copies.
>Submit to: Williamson County
Attn: Sally Bardwell, Community Development Administrator
710 Main Street

Georgetown, TX 78626

Applicant Organization Name & Contact Information
  1. Complete information requested.

Project Information

  1. Provide the Project Title.
  2. Give specific type of project (use priority table to identify specific type of project)
  3. Define the service area and/or project site and attach a map that identifies this information.
  4. Check appropriate box.
Service Area
  1. Provide a map which shows the project site and defines the service area.

Estimated Total Number of Low and Moderate Income Persons, Households or Limited Clientele

  1. Provide the estimated number of low-moderate income persons, households or limited clientele to be served
  1. Determine the amount of CDBG funds requested. Use budget table on page three of the application to determine this figure.
  2. Determine the amount of funds that will be obtained from other resources.
  3. Total Cost
Community Need
  1. Describe the need and current condition of the problem and how it relates to the needs/priorities identified for Williamson County (see FY 2014-2018 Consolidated Plan Priorities included in this packet).
  2. Describe the method or solution proposed.
  3. Describe how the solution will effectively address the problem.
  4. Describe the anticipated results.
  5. Describe any collaboration with other organizations, programs, or entities.
  6. Give any additional information.
Operation and/or Maintenance
  1. Generally describe the resources necessary for the project. Do NOT identify budget here.

Staff Costs

  1. Identify staff costs for the project.

Project Budget Estimate

  1. Complete cells with estimated funding amounts.
  2. Complete Budget Narrative section.

Please note

  • Funds obligated to the project will be tied to that obligation unless authorized to do otherwise.
  • CDBG funds do not require leveraged funds.

To be submitted with completed application

  1. Detailed timeline. Indicate start and end dates and major milestones expected throughout the project.
  2. Map that shows project site and defines the service area.
  3. Any additional information or documentation needed to fully explain the project.

Failure to submit requested documents or to provide adequate explanation may invalidate proposal.