How We Are Dispatched

Williamson County EMS uses a computer aided dispatching or CAD System. The CAD System allows the Williamson County Communication Center to answer 911 calls, triage them, and dispatch the closest WCEMS unit. Our expert dispatchers, with the help of the CAD, know where our EMS units are at every moment, every day. Valuable information is sent directly to WCEMS ambulances and is viewed on a laptop computer. This provides the same addressing, mapping, and patient information the dispatchers see, directly to your rescuers. By triaging 911 EMS calls, we are able to ensure that life-threatening emergencies get the quickest response. The same triage system helps us preserve public safety by sending ambulances with their lights and sirens turned off to calls that are not life threatening.This combines timeliness, safety, and common sense to provide the service you deserve.