Ride With EMS


We welcome you to ride with us to see what we do first hand.  To learn more ask anyone in a Williamson County EMS uniform or use the contact below.

If you're ready to ride, please click, read, and submit the online forms.
WCEMS Ride Link
WCEMS HIPAA Compliance Training (printing and signing of this document is not required)

Note: Ride request dates may not be fulfilled if made less than 7 days in advance.  Incomplete forms cannot be accepted.  Only one ride is allowed in a calendar year.  We cannot accept students attempting to fulfill course credit through this program.  Students engaged in EMS courses may not utilize this program during a semester in which they are scheduled for clinical rides.  The public's ability to ride may be suspended at any time based on the needs of the WCEMS System.

Capt. Dan Cohen
[email protected]

Explorer Post

WCEMS Explorers Patch Web


F55CFBF2-2FBF-419A-A3DE-0FEB1461B0D7 The Williamson County EMS Explorer Post is a Boy Scouts of America affiliated organization for boys and girls ages 14-21.  WCEMS Paramedics lead this post for those with interest in a medical career.  The explorers train in basic life support skills, developing confidence, teamwork, and problem solving using real-world medical scenarios.


WCEMS Explorers have the opportunity to participate in special events and rides on EMS ambulances once they meet minimum training standards.  Twice monthly meetings are listed in the calendar below.  They are open to any youth for up to two meetings before joining.  For more information attend a meeting or email the post leader, Paramedic Billy Van dePlas.  [email protected]


Public Speakers

IMG_1675Subjects include but are not limited to:

What Is WCEMS?
Heart Health
Child Safety
Senior Safety
DUI Prevention


Citizens of Williamson County:

We welcome the opportunity to tell the story of WCEMS and the people that make us unique to our business. Our powerpoint or lecture style presentations can be 10-30 minutes in length including question and answer sessions. WCEMS is your EMS service. Don’t get sick or injured just to learn about us!

Please allow 30 days advanced notice if possible along with the availability of audio/visual equipment at your site. 

Dan Cohen
Captain Clinical Practices
[email protected]

Request Personnel and/or Ambulance For Event

CDRWatson2 Williamson County EMS attends not-for-profit events for citizens at no charge. These events could include career days, neighborhood festivals, National Night Out, show and tell, scouting events, and other community education.  We can also schedule opportunities for your group to visit an EMS station. Let us know how we can help! 

Please note:
To best serve our citizens our requested ambulances remain available for call if 
need be. We will always strive to attend your planned event however, crews are occasionally tardy or must depart early.

To make a request, please follow this link:
Request an ambulance visit your education event or visit one of our EMS stations.

Shattered Dreams DUI Education

The Shattered Dreams Team is composed of WCEMS personnel. Shattered Dreams is a program that is performed by area High School students, WCEMS, local fire and police departments. A mock collision and extrication is demonstrated to the junior and senior students to heighten their awareness of the consequences of driving while intoxicated.  These are usually performed just before prom, Spring break or Summer serving as a reminder to be safe at times when teens are more likely to celebrate with alcohol.  See the calendar below for upcoming public events.

To schedule an event, contact:
Lisa Dalton
[email protected]

Honor Guard



The Williamson County EMS Honor Guard provides services at the funerals of department members lost in the line of duty.  We also serve at funerals of both active and retired members of other public safety departments.  The EMS Honor Guard is also available to serve at ceremonial functions and other special events, like providing a color guard.  Our members represent Williamson County EMS at these events.  They represent the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and dedication to duty.

To request the honor guard please contact:
Lt. Wes Morrison
[email protected]


Honor Guard Sunrise Web

Upcoming Events
«December 2018»
  • American Heart Association BLS Provider
    12/1/2018 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

    American Heart Association BLS Provider

    Williamson County EMS is pleased to announce the offering of an American Heart Association BLS Provider class.  The BLS Provider class is primarily directed to those currently working in or those that wish to work in the healthcare profession.  This is an instructor led class that incorporates a video directed approach to teaching.  The participants will learn how to perform CPR on adult, child and infant patients.  Management of choking patients will also be covered.  After successful completion of the written and skills testing, the participants will receive a course completion card from the American Heart Association.  
    CLASS:      BLS Provider
    DATE:    Saturday, December 1, 2018
    TIME:      9:00 am to 1:30 pm
    LOCATION:  Williamson County EMS North Campus
    3189 SE Inner Loop, Georgetown  
    COST:    $39.00 (includes student manual)
    If you would like to register for this class, we utilize online registration through the following link:
    From the page you reach by clicking the above link, you will enter Georgetown, TX for the location.  Then filter your search by entering the class date for both start and ending time.  A list of classes will be displayed.  Scroll until you find the Williamson County EMS class that you are interested in signing up for.  Then click the details button and then the reserve button.  Fill out the form and submit to complete the registration process.  If you do not have the ability to register online, please contact me for help.  Thank you again for your interest in community CPR.

    Jim Persons
    Outreach Education Coordinator
    Williamson County EMS
    [email protected]

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  • Take10 CPR/Stop The Bleed
    12/6/2018 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

    Take10 CPR/Stop The Bleed

    Thursday, December 6, 2018 6:30 pm
    Seton Medical Center Williamson Learning Center

    Seton Medical Center Williamson and Williamson EMS have come together to host a combination class of Take 10 CPR and Stop the Bleed. The class will be held on December
    6th beginning at 6:30pm. The class will be held in the Learning Centers across from the cafeteria.

    To register for the class please email [email protected] or call 512-324-4804.

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