Since June 1, 2016, Travis and Williamson County operate a joint AirCheck Program under an Interlocal Management Agreement for the Drive A Clean Machine (AirCheck Texas) program. For vehicles registered in Williamson County, complete the application (see link following). All applications will be processed in the order received. Review below for additional information about the program.

If your vehicle is registered in Williamson County or Travis County, please download the electronic application (an interactive PDF) and mail or fax the application to the address below. If you need additional information please phone 512-854-5020 for further assistance. On a limited basis questions may also be addressed to 512-943-1921 in Williamson County.


(A partir del 1 de junio (2016) de Travis y el Condado de Williamson se dedican a un acuerdo de gestión Interlocal para el programa de la unidad A Clean Machine ( AirCheck Texas) para el Condado de Williamson . Para los vehículos que están registrados en el Condado de Williamson , completan la aplicación ( ver enlace siguiente ) . Todas las solicitudes serán procesadas en el orden recibido . Revise a continuación para obtener información adicional sobre el programa.

Si su vehículo se ha registrado en el Condado de Williamson o el condado de Travis , por favor descarga la aplicación electrónica ( un PDF interactivo ) y el correo o fax la solicitud a la dirección indicada más abajo . Si necesita información adicional por favor llame a 512-854-5020 para obtener más ayuda . Sobre una base limitada preguntas también pueden dirigirse a 512-943-1921 en el Condado de Williamson.)

Mailing address:

AirCheck Texas – Williamson/Travis Counties

P.O. Box 1748

Austin, TX 78767

Fax: 512-854-5021

Phone: 512-854-5020

The link to the website for information is HERE.

Common Questions

Where are the application and supporting documents mailed?

AirCheckTexas - Williamson/Travis Counties
P.O. Box 1748
Austin, Texas 78767

Can two vouchers be combined toward one replacement vehicle?

No, only one voucher is applied towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle.

Can a vehicle owner retire more than one vehicle through the program?

A  vehicle owner may retire only one vehicle in a twelve-month period and may reapply twelve months after the redemption of a vehicle replacement voucher.

Do Repair and Replacement Vouchers expire?

Yes, all vouchers expire 30 days from issue date.

Expired vouchers must be returned to our program office. Please return a voucher if it will not be redeemed.

If your Replacement Voucher has recently expired, please call our office to get more information for a 30 day extension.  The extension period starts on the expiration date of the Replacement Voucher.

Can I apply to the AirCheckTexas Retirement Assistance Program after I have bought a new vehicle

No, we do not reimburse individual(s) or dealerships for vehicles purchased before a Vehicle Replacement Voucher was issued.
You must first apply to the AirCheckTexas Retirement Assistance Program, be approved for and issued a Vehicle Replacement Voucher before purchasing a replacement vehicle at one of our Participating Dealerships.

Is a co-signer allowed for the replacement vehicle?

Yes, the State will allow a co-signer as long as the person lives in the same household as the AirCheckTexas applicant/vehicle owner.

Can I apply to the AirCheckTexas Repair Assistance Program after I have repaired my vehicle and be reimbursed?

No, we do not reimburse individual(s) or repair stations if the vehicle was repaired before a Vehicle Diagnostic and Repair voucher was issued.

The applicant must first apply to the AirCheckTexas Repair Assistance Program, and if the program application is approved, a Vehicle Diagnostic and Repair Voucher will be issued and the applicant may proceed to have the vehicle diagnosed and repaired at one of Williamson County's Participating Recognized Emissions Repair Facilities.  The voucher must be presented to the repair facility before the vehicle is diagnosed.

May a person who doesn't live in the same household as the voucher holder act as a co-signer for a loan towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle under the Drive a Clean

The potential co-signer must prove to the Program Administrator that he or she lives in the same household, add his/her name to the original program application and submit his/her IRS Transcript of the 1040 form for the most recent year end.  The income of both the voucher holder and the potential co-signer will be calculated.  If the combined net income is at or below our program's net requirement, a voucher will be issued in both the applicant's and cosigner names.  The co-signer may co-sign on a loan after this point.

The name on the vehicle title that I want to trade in does not match the name on the application. How do I prove that I own the vehicle?

If the vehicle is not titled in your name, you must have the owner transfer the title and ownership to you.  You will submit a copy of the title application receipt with your program application.

If you have recently changed your name and the vehicle title was issued to your previous name, you will need to submit proof of name change such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, naturalization certificate, or court order granting name change and a copy of your driver's license.

If the name change occurred after the replacement voucher was issued, you must submit proof of name change to both the dealer where you are purchasing the replacement vehicle and Williamson County AirCheck Program Administrator.