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Physical Abilities Exam Requirements

  1. Physical testing will include a construct physical abilities test following Cooper Institute which is an established verifiable organization that has thoroughly researched the relationships of physical testing as it relates to law enforcement. 
  2. Percentile minimums may not be established lower than the 30th % utilizing Cooper Standards as a guideline.
  3. The Cooper Standard Battery accurately measures the underlining fitness areas:
    • Anaerobic capacity (sprint ability) = 1 mile warm-up run
    • Anaerobic capacity (sprint ability) = 300 meter sprint
    • Muscular capacity (upper Body) = Bench Press
    • Muscular endurance (upper body) = 1 minute push-ups
    • Muscular endurance (core body) = 1 minute sit-ups
    • Anaerobic capacity (sprint ability) = 3 story stair climb

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Release Forms


ALL release forms MUST be completed, notarized and returned on the date of testing. Failure to return ALL release forms on the date of testing will result in immediate disqualification. You MUST return the following release forms completed and notarized on the date of testing:


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