Rural County Road Resurfacing Program

Road and Bridge is dedicated to maintaining the County’s roadway infrastructure using the most appropriate engineering solution in a cost effective manner. Proper preventive maintenance, including the use of seal coating, can help ensure that the existing pavement structure will last for many decades.

A seal coat is a surface treatment designed to preserve and extend the life of a road. It protects an aging pavement surface and seals up the small cracks to keep water out of the foundation. The process starts by spraying a thin layer of liquid asphalt over the pavement. It is followed by the spreading of a thin layer of small rock. The surface is then rolled with a rubber tire roller and the street is reopened to traffic. Excess gravel is swept off the surface in a couple of days. It takes a couple of months for the new surface to completely cure and lock the surface firmly into place with the road open to regular traffic.

Residents sometimes ask why we resurfaced (seal coated) the “good” road and not the road that was in worse shape. One of the goals of preventive maintenance is to treat roads before they deteriorate to a point that preventive maintenance is no longer an option. Once a road has deteriorated to this point, a seal coat is no longer applicable and other corrective actions are necessary (for more information please see County Road Major Maintenance).

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