Illegal Dumping 101

It is illegal to dump items anywhere in the County other than in an approved landfill.  Taxpayers in Texas spend significant dollars each year cleaning up illegal dumps to prevent contamination of water, remove the breeding ground for insects and rodents that carry diseases and keep natural areas beautiful.  Storing illegal substances is also a crime - not just dumping them.  Penalties and fines vary upon the crime.


Solid Wate

Texas Health and Safety Code, Section 365 
Fines vary from less than $500 to up to $10,000, depending on weight and/or volume of illegal material.  Also, jail time may be enforced in some cases from less than 180 days to up to two years.


Hazards to Water Quality

  • Used Oil (Felony), Texas Water Code, Section 7.176
  • Pollutant Discharge, Texas Water Code, Section 7.145
  • Batteries, Texas Water Code, Section 7.185
  • Each day is a separate offense
  • Fines cary from $1,000 up to $100,000
  • Jail time can be enforced from less than one year, up to five years

Junked Vehicles

Texas Transportation Code, Section 683
Offenses include inoperable vehicles visible from public right-of-way.  Penalties may include a fine up to $200; vehicle may be abated.












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